Abused camel helped by CRC in Bassi

The Camel Rescue Centre (CRC) in Bassi recently had a stand out case that they were glad to be able to help with. A camel owner called Suresh from Luniawas village called the CRC in great distress as his camel had wandered into somebody's farm and the farm owner had attacked the camel with an axe. The camel was bleeding profusely and needed immediate medical attention.

CRC vet Dr Jitendar wanted to bring the camel back to the CRC for proper care, but when he say the extent of the wounds, he decided he needed to suture the wound on the spot.

The wound was 5-6 inches deep and was causing the camel to lose a lot of blood.

Under sedation and anesthesia, the wound was cleaned properly and sutured closed. Painkillers and antibiotics were administered.

Of the 393 camels and 356 dogs, cattle and goats treated in the month of October, the CRC team was especially glad to have been able to help this poor camel who suffered as a result of the carelessness of his owner in leaving him untied, and the cruelty of the farm owner who used such a vicious weapon against an innocent animal.

Thank you to the CRC in Bassi for being there to help the animals in the area.

Janet Thomas