CPWO doing great work in Cambodia

Kshom is a village located in Prey Veng Province, Cambodia. The people in this community are mainly farmers who use their animals to transport goods from the fields to the main road where trucks collect the produce. They mostly use the pony cart as transport.

In this village, diseases and illnesses have decreased dramatically because of the regular clinics by our partner group, Cambodia Pony Welfare Organisation. Over the past 2 1/2 years, this village has been receiving regular clinics covering deworming, injury prevention, first aid, education, farrier work, correct harnessing etc.

But, problems still occur.

One case study we would like to share with you today, is about a horse owned by a villager, Mr Liv Pin who uses his animal to transport construction materials. This is what he had to say...
“Before I knew CPWO, lameness and swelling of the fetlocks happened a lot to my pony because I have to go far and sometimes the roads and stones make it difficult for my horse to walk and trot.

I spent a lot of money on treatment by the local vet, they are not equine vets so the treatment did not work, and also when my pony got this problem I had to rest him for a long time. This caused a decrease in family income which was very hard on us.

But when CPWO came to help my community, Mr. Liv Pin said that.... “I am very happy that CPWO vets came to help my pony. CPWO advised me and other horse owners how to prevent these problems and the need to understand and think about the ponies first before we use them. It means knowing about their health, size of body ,weight, etc... to prevent overloading when transporting goods. By doing this, we will save money on treatment and have a healthier horse. Thanks to CPWO for doing such great work in Cambodia, helping horse and owner to have better lives.

Janet Thomas