Beaten donkey spared from abattoir

In August 2018, a Tanzanian farmer sold his donkey to a donkey skin trader, who's job is to take exhausted, badly injured donkeys to the donkey abattoir in Shinyanga, a town not far from Bukombe.

After seeing the exhausted donkey, the Tanzania Humane Charity team, stopped the owner and asked him why his donkey was so weak and had so many wounds? He wouldn't give an answer. 
The only option the owner gave them, was buy my donkey or she goes to the abattoir!
Looking at the poor defeated animal, they had no choice but to buy her, not even sure the donkey would survive the journey back to Bukombe.

She was immediately named Shinyanga and given water, feed and treatment for her wounds. Her wounds were extreme, caused by beating, poor harnessing and worked almost to death. The owner had also covered her wounds in engine oil, adding to her pain and suffering.

The good news, Shinyanga made it back to Bukombe alive, and slowly her wounds and spirit are starting to heal. 
Shinyanga will live out her days at the Bukombe Donkey Sanctuary which has been funded solely by Animal Aid Abroad donors with special mention to Ellie Hubble, Susanne Briggs and Lynette MacQueen for their amazing contribution.

Shinyanga is approximately 10 years old and we hope she lives for many more years in the safety and refuge of the Bukombe Donkey Sanctuary.
Thankfully Shinyanga and two other donkeys called Lawi and Cheusi don't mind living amongst the building taking place around them...they are now safe!

You can now sponsor Shinyanga, go to:

Janet Thomas