Friendicoes, India - continuing their good work

Friendicoes in India deal with some fairly harrowing cases in their equine program, and this has not changed in recent months.

Recently, the cases that they have treated include:
* A severe laceration on the horse's hip due to an accident with a heavy road vehicle which was bleeding profusely. 
* Cankar formation in the hoof due to water logging in the rainy season. 
* A tongue laceration as a result of sudden pulling of the bit, meaning the horse was unable to eat. 
* Foal suffering from a fencing wire injury after being left to graze in a field. 
* Babesiosis, with the horse having a temperature of 104 F, no appetite and coffee coloured urine.
* Donkey with a severe dog bite wound on the ear.
* Mare rescued from the streets of Delhi with a contracted tendon, who is recovering and will live out it's life at the sanctuary.
* Abandoned mule with multiple beating injuries on back, shoulder and leg rescued and brought to the shelter.

All of these cases were treated with veterinary care and all are now on the road to recovery.

Thank you Friendicoes for the good work that you do, and thank you to the Animal Aid Abroad donors who help to support this great work.

Janet Thomas