A new car for Dr Sulaiman in Kurdistan

Dr Sulaiman of the Kurdistan Organisation of Animal Rights Protection (KOARP) has had a busy October. Covering 6 districts and 8 villages, Dr Sulaiman treated a total of 24 donkeys, 373 poultry, over 704 sheep, goat & cattle, and 37 shepherd dogs.
Among the animals treated were a female donkey and her newborn foal who were rescued and adopted by a farmer in Glbish village, as well as two stray donkeys who were rescued after a car accident and given food and care to aid their recovery.
Thanks to Animal Aid Abroad's generous sponsors, Dr Sulaiman was able to purchase a new car to better facilitate his travels throughout the region, and the transporting of animals and veterinary equipment.
Dr Sulaiman also celebrated World Animal Day by working to educate owners on the proper care and respect for their animals.
Keep up the great work Dr Sulaiman, and thank you to our supporters who help keep Dr Sulaiman on the road.

Janet Thomas