Camel with horrific eye injury helped by CRC Bassi

Last month partner group, the Camel Rescue Centre in Bassi, India helped a total of 1469 animals, that included 899 camels.

One particular case was quite disturbing- a camel in great pain, his eye completely destroyed and full of maggots entered the CRC hospital..

This poor camel carried his injury and pain for 1 1/2 months and only when the kerosene oil the owner applied to the eye, to kill the maggots did not work, did he bring his camel to the centre.

Upon examination the CRC team found that the eye was completely damaged and surgery was the only option. CRC vet, Dr. Jitender and Dr Abhinav decided to remove the damaged eye surgically. Under general and local anaesthesia the surgery was done successfully. The camel was kept admitted to the shelter for a month of post operative care. He was released after complete healing.

Thanks to all our donors and supporters that help the Camel Rescue Centre assist hundreds of working camels each month in this region of India.

Janet Thomas