Making a difference in Tanzania

If you're a follower of AAA, you'll know that Tanzania is a hot spot for the mistreatment of working donkeys and in the area of the Mtera Dam in Tanzania, there are hundreds of donkeys using inhumane yoke cart systems causing much pain and suffering, not to mention the routine beatings the donkeys are subject to from their drivers. Up until last year, medical help was not available for these donkeys.

Now, with the help of AAA partner group, Tanzania Animal Welfare Society (TAWESO), projects are being implemented to introduce new and more humane cart systems with proper harnesses, as well as medical clinics and education on the welfare and correct care of animals in the region.

AAA will continue funding this project until all yoke carts are replaced with the new carts. Mobile medical clinics in the area will continue and the establishment of a permanent donkey clinic/hospital/shelter will be looked into for badly injured, abandoned and frail donkeys.

Thank you to all who have contributed to this much needed project.

Janet Thomas