Animal Nepal helping vet students gain experience

The animals at the Animal Nepal Godovari Donkey Sanctuary love to frolic, and during September, some of them sustained minor bite wounds while playing. The wounds were seen to and dressed by the vet interns under the supervision of the Animal Nepal vets. The interns are from the Himalayan College of Agricultural Sciences & Technology (HICAST), with whom Animal Nepal signed a memorandum of understanding in August, agreeing to provide internship opportunities for HICAST veterinarian students and assisting in developing the college’s curriculum, especially related to equines. The addition of HICAST interns has meant that the animals have really enjoyed the grooming and hoof trimmings and extra attention they receive from the new faces.

Bahan the duck had a problem with his feet which is now improving after medication. Shakti, Menuka and Puffin were not showing interest in their feed according to the caretaker Santa Shrestha but after taking some liver tonic they are now once again enjoying their food. On World Rabies Day recently, the snctuary's resident dogs Lucky and Bunu got their rabies shots.

It's great to hear about the work being done by Animal Nepal, and their beneficial relationship with HICAST.

Keep up the fantastic work, and thank you to our sponsors who help support Animal Nepal.

Janet Thomas