Help needed in Israel

When the rains come in Israel, fresh new grass begins to pop up on the sides of the road, enticing the donkeys in the area to cross the busy roads for a taste. This is what happened to a pregnant donkey near the Southern town of Be’er Sheva only days before she was due to give birth.

Luckily a witness called AAA partner group Pegasus and advised that many cars had nearly missed her, and it was a miracle she survived. Pegasus brought her to the sanctuary where she received a private, warm, and dry stall so that she can give birth calmly and safely.

And that is exactly what happened! She gave birth to a beautiful, soft, bronze-colored foal and he has brought such a new and precious energy to Pegasus.

He loves to follow his mother around, smelling life through his nose, hearing all the noises with his gorgeous long ears, and suckling his mother’s milk. All this could have ended on the side of that road.

The donkeys all know when Sagiv, the deliverer of hay does his morning rounds and they wait patiently as he makes his way down the aisle of the large covered stable. This happens every day, another bundle gets distributed. And every day it costs another 500 shekel/almost 150 dollars.

The hay distributor comes loyally with his delivery because that’s what he is – loyal. He hasn’t received his payment yet for his bundles. And he’s still waiting for payment from the last delivery. The overwhelming cost of feeding all the donkey and horse rescues has become too much for the Sanctuary.

It is the same story with the medical supplies required to treat injured and sick donkeys both outside and inside the sanctuary.

Pegasus have faith that help will come from loyal supporters and that will in turn support the loyal hay and medical suppliers who have families that need supporting.

Pegasus will keep answering the calls to rescue and heal the donkeys and horses, so they will never know more suffering, but send thanks to anyone who can help in this desperate situation. With your donation, you will be helping Pegasus feed the hungry, treat the wounded, and continue the rescue of the needy and abused out there.

Janet Thomas