Kurdistan Update: All creatures GREAT and small get our assistance in Duhok Province

Some of our partner groups rely solely on our support for help while others get assistance from other sources too. 
In the case of Dr Sulaiman and his group KOARP, not only does he rely solely on us for support but the people in his province rely solely on Dr Sulaiman for veterinary assistance for all their animals.
Given Dr Sulaiman's situation, Animal Aid Abroad supports him to help all animals in need.
In November, Dr Sulaiman treated 50 poultry, 23 rabbits, 38 shepherd dogs, 22 donkeys, 3 horses, 1 mule, 2 camels and 826 sheep and goats.
No animal is turned away, no injury too small and no distance too far for this wonderful man - Dr Sulaiman.

Janet Thomas