India Update: A camel in need gets some 'delicate' treatment and help

India Update: A camel in need of some 'delicate' treatment and help.

Gopal lives at village Palawala Jatan near Bassi where he keeps a camel to pull his camel cart and the cart of his family. His camel had a problem of colic and impaction for 10 days. He tried some home remedies and when this did not work turned to the old people for answers. He did what they said but still no relief for his camel. 
After 5 days and his camel still in a lot of pain, someone suggested he should take his camel to the Camel Rescue Centre in Bassi. He then brought his camel to the shelter and after examination they started treatment immediately. In two days, the camel got relief for all symptoms and the impaction was cleared. He and his wife thanked CRC and took his camel home.
Animal Aid Abroad assists the CRC to treat camels and conduct camel clinics in Bassi and surrounding villages and towns.

Janet Thomas