Afghanistan Update: Donkeys at Nowzad welcome a new resident- Azad, the horse

Afghanistan Update: Donkeys at Nowzad Sanctuary welcome a new resident- Azad, the horse.

Partner group, Nowzad recently discovered a horse amongst the waste of one of the migrant camps, whilst carrying out a spay, neuter and vaccination drive there.
The horse was attempting to find whatever food she could scavenge and was eating plastic and dirt.
She was in an extremely bad condition, with severe malnutrition, dehydration and sores all over her body. The clinic team were saddened at the extent of the horse’s treatment and questioned the camp residents about the care of the horse.
The horse was only between 5 to 7 years old, but had been overworked to the point of collapse.
Because she was no longer of use due to an injured leg, she had been discarded in an area of the camp, with an old blanket tied to her and was still tethered.
After much persuasion, the clinic team convinced the people in the camp to let them take the horse from them as she was of no longer of any use to them.
We checked that there were no other horses or working mules in the camp (there weren’t) and arranged collection of her.

Two days later, the horse arrived at the Nowzad clinic.
The first thing they did was give her a name, ‘Azad’, which is Dari for ‘free’.
They have taken her into an area of the clinic where she will receive intense medical treatment for her sores and injured leg.
Her hooves have been treated by a farrier and she has been given lots of fresh, nutritious food and plenty of clean water and vitamins.
Once Azad has grown stronger and her leg has healed, she will be a new resident of the Nowzad sanctuary. Azad is enjoying life at Nowzad, she is still quite fearful of people, but has warmed to our muleteer ‘Juma’ and allows him to brush her daily.
We will be sure to keep you updated on Azad’s progress.
Animal Aid Abroad supports Nowzad by funding their operational costs to care and feed for the donkeys and now Azad at their Sanctuary.

Janet Thomas