India Update: Two more souls suffering less pain and finding a new home

This poor wedding horse fell into an uncovered sewage chamber and injured its leg. The leg became infected and quite painful. The Friendicoes mobile equine team cleaned,dressed the wound, administered antibiotics, pain killers and tetanus vaccine.
Treatment will be an on-going procedure with local paravet because unfortunately this horse will not be rested during the marriage season.

In another case, an abandoned pony was rescued from new friends colony in Delhi. The pony was lame so this is why it was abandoned.
Fortunately for this horse, Friendicoes equine team came to its rescue and transported him back to their Gurgaon shelter.
The team remarked on how friendly and gentle the pony was...without any trouble at all, he stepped up into their van and
not even a word or whinge from this very thankful soul.
Animal Aid Abroad proudly supports the Friendicoes Mobile equine team and para-vet program in Delhi.

Janet Thomas