Tanzania Update: Clinics and harness making to help working donkeys

Partner group, Meru Animal Welfare Organization [ MAWO ] on December 8th & 9th, carried out donkey mobile clinics in Nazareti Village. 
Together with the clinic, they also conducted harness training.

It included creating a women's group to make harnesses and be more involved with the welfare of donkeys in their village.
During this clinic, the MAWO team managed to reach 129 donkeys for deworming and eye treatment, and also managed to train 3 groups of 6 women for harness making. 
These women groups will make harnesses and source material to make the harnesses. They will also monitor, maintain and report back to MAWO in regards to donkey animal welfare issues.
Animal Aid Abroad proudly supports MAWO to conduct these medical clinics and harness training. The results of our support are greatly improving the welfare of working donkeys in in this part of Tanzania - thanks also to the MAWO team who do all the hard work on the ground to make this happen.

Janet Thomas