India Update: A life-saving Rescue by the Friendicoes Mobile Equine Team

For this young horse, life certainly did not start well. He was found abandoned on the roadside in Delhi with severely lacerated and infected wounds on his legs. He was very weak and emaciated. No one knows how long he had been left on the road or what caused his injuries. He was taken to the Friendicoes Gurgaon Sanctuary and given immediate care and treatment.

An extra note from our partner group......

Thank you Animal Aid Abroad: it’s the generosity of large hearts like yours that allows us to help such an animal. Even after forty years of animal work, one sees cases that breaks ones heart. The colt had probably lost all hope as it lay crumpled there along the road: many would have passed him … however it took one kind person to call … and we hope to give Pete a good life and kindness that he has never known until now!

Animal Aid Abroad supports the Friendicoes Mobile Clinic team, their Para-Vet Outreach Program and through our Sponsorship Program cares for many animals at their Sanctuary. We have also funded one of their rescue ambulances and about to send funds for a shade shelter and a microscope.

Janet Thomas