Camel receives help for torn nostril in Bassi

The Camel Rescue Centre (CRC) in Bassi have been continuing their good work in the region. In the past month they treated 292 camels out on visits, and a further 48 dogs, 64 cattle, 124 goats and 2 horses who were brought into the clinic by owners.

One owner brought his camel in to CRC because it was bitten by another camel two days ago. He was worried as the camel's nostril was torn. Dr. Jitendar examined it and decided to reunite it surgically. Fortunately the camel had an empty stomach so the surgery was performed at once. After surgery the complete picture was much improved. The camel returned to his normal condition and looked good. The owner was very happy and that evening they went home.

We really appreciate the help we get from our donors in helping to fund and sustain groups like this who provide these otherwise non-existent services all over the world.

Janet Thomas