TAHUCHA working for the abused donkeys of Tanzania

AAA partner group TAHUCHA in Tanzania work to help the overworked and abused donkeys in their area. If you are thinking about participating in our Global Working Animal Day activities by registering to walk or run or even donate, you are helping us to help many hundreds of donkeys who will continue to get treatment, care and respite for the abuse they suffer.

Donkeys in Bukombe serve in a range of environments that include kilns, mines, households, forests and markets, and in all areas they serve, they do the work of tractors and vehicles.

Many donkeys are badly beaten, and some suffer from undernourishment.

So TAHUCHA's aim is to treat donkeys and train donkey users and owners not to mistreat their donkeys and to teach the younger generation for sustainable change.

Where TAHUCHA treats, they also train – helping owners to look after working animals properly, with care and compassion. Most families have every reason to take good care of their donkeys - if a donkey is injured, a whole family suffers.

The TAHUCHA volunteers work across the region to change attitudes in the long term, preventing working donkeys suffering today and for generations to come.

TAHUCHA recently treated two donkeys owned by the same man in Bukombe. Both are estimated to be seven years old and male. They did not have names but now have been given names. The first is JIJI and the second is Ndono.

These donkeys will be residents of the TAHUCHA sanctuary until they heal.

Thank you to our donors who allow us to support TAHUCHA and groups like it all over the world.

Janet Thomas