New project in Uganda

AAA has a new partner group in Uganda - AWPO. This is exciting because it is the first time many working donkeys in this area have ever been given veterinary treatment.

Donkeys in this district are mainly used for: carrying beans, maize after harvest from gardens and also after threshing they deliver the same, as well as charcoal to the markets. They are also used for carrying grass for thatching houses. Some are used for ploughing gardens while others are sold off to other local owners.

There is a myth among the locals that working donkeys do not fall sick and are immune to pain and suffering. As such, it was vital to start the program here and educate the community in the humane treatment of these animals. The team distributed posters and stickers portraying this message, and also ran a free donkey health program, in which 281 donkeys were investigated and treated, and 117 owners were advised on best practice in caring for their donkeys, including humane harnessing, reasonable working hours, maximum load limits and seeking help for sickness or injury.

This is important work and we are pleased to see the positive impact in the early stages of this project.

Janet Thomas