Friendicoes continuing their good work in India

AAA partner group, Friendicoes in India have had a busy time lately. Recent cases at a visit to the brick kiln have included medical issues such as:

A horse with eye worm - if left untreated, this can lead to corneal opacity, glaucoma and permanent blindness. The horse was given sedation and anaesthesia, and the worm was removed through a small incision on the cornea. The brick kiln is not the best place for recovery so the owner was asked to rest the horse until recovered.

Tooth rasping - One horse was unable to eat properly due to one of it's molar teeth having overgrown into a hook formation. The team was able use tooth rasps donated by Animal Aid Abroad to file the tooth down and provide the horse with some relief.

Deworming - This is one of the most useful services offered by Friendicoes and they were able deworm a large number of working animals in the brick kiln.

Aside from these and the usual colic and various injuries to be treated, the team also attended to a Donkey and her foal who had been involved in a road accident. The poor foal had a back injury causing paraplegia and could not survive. The mother was rescued and taken to Gurgaon Shelter for rest and recovery.

Thank you Friendicoes for your tireless efforts to help the animals in your area.

Janet Thomas