New project in Zimbabwe

During the month of March, new partner group, Tikobane Trust visited 12 stables and reached 74 working donkeys and 28 cows in Mapani Village. The challenge of harness wounds is a call for attention. Firewood traders carry big loads and they need up to four donkeys on the cart, this results in incorrect harnessing and they have to use ropes and wires, and in some cases, barbed wire was used. We have engaged the police service and the forest commission to assist us with controlling overloaded carts so as to reduce harness wounds
We also conducted workshops on donkey care bringing together donkey owners and herders to educate and train them on proper handling of donkeys and other working animals. We also discovered that there is an outbreak of a lump skin disease in cattle around Magoli village and we have so far alerted the Department of Veterinary Service, we are yet to hear from them and we will be working closely with them.
A successful story we are excited to share, is Charley the donkey we treated for very bad harness wounds, he was weak and thin, however after 7 weeks of treatment Charley is now looking good, with a shiny coat and a few recovering wounds. Charley is just among one of the many success stories we have had in the last month and we believe we are going to change the lives of many working animals with the help of Animal Aid Abroad. In the month of March, we managed to put 15 solar lights up around village stockyards to protect donkeys, cattle and other livestock from lions and hyenas. We are happy to report that this program is having great success thanks to Animal Aid Abroad's funding. 
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Janet Thomas