Helping horses in Nicaragua

Recently, Animal Aid Abroad continued their partnership with ORPROVET by helping to fund a clinic which provided free veterinary services to 456 horses. Dr Lester and his team performed 92 dental works, 100 hoof trims, 25 surgeries mostly castrations, enucleation, mass removal, reconstruction of one damaged vulva in a mare and one euthanasia for a very bad vesicular stomatitis [the horse was suffering for more than 5 years with a lot of pain and lameness].

They had a team of 12 veterinarians [11 local Vets and 1 from the USA], 2 veterinary nurses [1 from the USA and 1 local], 28 veterinary students [3 from the USA and 22 from Nicaragua] and 2 assistants. There were at least 15 horses that needed follow-up treatment with bad wounds, lacerations, lameness, hoof abscess, parasitic diseases such as Habronema. Orprovet partnered with a local veterinary school, the Central University of Nicaragua who let them use their facility on the last day so they had more space to teach students.

Most of the problems are malnutrition, parasites, wounds, lacerations, lameness, hoof, and a lot of dental issues. Dr Lester said this is why I will love to continue this project. I want to keep these poor animals healthier so they can work better and live a life without pain and suffering. Animal Aid Abroad is looking at expanding our assistance to Orporovet so he can reach more working animals including oxen and donkeys.

Janet Thomas