Outreach mission in Somaliland highlights need for remote area clinics

AAA partner group Social & Animal Welfare Service (SAWS) in Hargiesa, Somaliland recently completed an outreach mobile vet clinic mission to the villages of Xarif-Xarig and Qoolcaday, and two resettlements near these villages which occupy vast areas in which hundreds of mostly female donkeys reside.

SAW received an appeal to travel to these areas and provide medical support for the donkeys there.

The team arrived at these remote locations to owners eagerly waiting with their donkeys for treatment. These were mostly nomadic people, so the opportunity for their donkeys to receive veterinary attention was greatly appreciated.

A total of 60 donkeys were seen in the villages and resettlements, and the most common cases treated were worms, overgrown hooves, laminitis, and injuries and wounds from wild hyena, vampire bats, ticks and mosquitoes which can cause disease.

The donkeys here live in poor conditions with no shelter against the cold nights and hot, sunny days. Rubbish accumulates all through the area as there is no organised garbage removal. Somaliland is experiencing severe drought conditions, so water and grazing is scarce.

There is also a lack of awareness among the locals on animal welfare and correct care.

We hope that the SAWS outreach mission has been a step in the right direction to improve conditions in these areas, and we thank AAA donors who help us to support projects like this.

Janet Thomas