Local home made medicines are no substitute for proper veterinary care

Help in Suffering- Jaipur, Rajasthan-India (HIS) had a busy month in December. As usual, they helped many camels. Some of the cases they see have been left too long, or made worse by home-made treatments given by owners who don't have the time or money to have the issue properly looked at.

One such camel owner, Sitaram came to the shelter for his camel’s injured leg. The team found that the camel had a large wound on his left hind limb. The wound was not deep but it was wide. On asking, the owner revealed that he did not come earlier because he had applied some local homemade medicines but nothing worked. The HIS team cleaned the wound thoroughly and bandaged it. Suitable painkillers and antibiotics were given, as well as some oral medicines and anti-septic ointments.

It is important work that groups like HIS do, not only in treating the immediate needs of the animals in the area, but in educating the owners in the proper care of them.

Janet Thomas