New Donkey Clinic, but more help needed

The Mannar Donkey Management and Welfare group in Sri Lanka had much to celebrate with the recent opening of their Donkey Clinic and Education Centre. With a crowd of over 400 people at the official opening ceremony, and a high profile guest speaker, the event was a fitting celebration of all of the hard work that has been done in the lead up to this occasion.

The centre has already made an impact in the local community, with many local children flocking to the centre to interact with the donkeys, and the education and compassion for animals they learn here means donkey friendly generations in the coming years.

Thanks to generous AAA supporters and many helping hands from the local community, this centre has come to fruition. However, there is still a need for a larger isolation ward for injured and sick donkeys. Currently there are five donkeys in a space made for two, and there are more donkeys in need of urgent attention.

The donkeys in the isolation unit at the moment have a range of issue which are being treated including a severed hoof, stomach wound, deep cut to the donkey's neck, hind leg lacerations due to wire being tied around it, and a spine injury caused by a three wheeler accident.

The estimated cost for materials and labour to build a larger isolation unit is Rs185,000 (AU$1,600)

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Janet Thomas