Camel Rescue Centre in Bassi

The Camel Rescue Centre (CRC) at Bassi is well known in the local community and animal owners know that if they have a problem, they can come to the CRC. They currently hold 27 animals at the sanctuary, and in the past month, have treated 260 camels, 3 dogs, 13 cattle, 120 goats and 3 horses.

One local camel owner called Kailash brought his camel in from the village Jatwara. The camel was suffering with a tumor on the gums of his lower jaw. Kailash had tried many traditional medicines, but nothing had worked.

CRC vet, Dr Jitendar examined the camel and advised that surgery was the only option. Kailash agreed, so under general and local anesthesia, the tumor was removed. Appropriate painkillers and antibiotics were administered before the camel was released and send home with oral medication.

Janet Thomas