Friendicoes in India

Friendicoes in India tirelessly work towards improving the health and lives of the equines in their area.

Some of the cases they've dealt with lately include a damaged jugular vein during a road accident with a truck; a shoulder injury in a collision with a motorbike; a leg injury due to a fall while pulling a cart, and an abscess in the neck area.

One horse sustained lacerations on all four legs from razor wire while he was grazing for food. This horse was quite emaciated and in poor health, so healing will be a slow process for this horse.

A common problem Friendicoes find is that owners will treat their animals' injuries themselves with inappropriate methods and substances that only makes the issues worse. Part of the work the Friendicoes do is to educate the owners as to the correct care for their animals and to seek proper medical care when required.

Friendicoes rescued a donkey and her foal who had been abandoned on a highway. Both had damage to their hooves in an apparent accident with a vehicle. They were transported to the Friendicoes sanctuary for treatment and shelter.

Friendicoes also we able to rescue and retire two old horses - one 18 year old who retired from work with the border security force, and the other, a 21 year old ex-police horse.

Thank you to the support of AAA donors who help to facilitate this good work.

Janet Thomas