SAWS continued good work in Somaliland

AAA partner group, Social Animal Welfare Services (SAWS) based in Hargeisa, Somaliland, have had another busy month with their mobile vet clinic, travelling throughout the district.

One of the donkeys they came across was a donkey which had been tied up in a hot, sunny area with a steel collar/harness in his mouth and was without water or food for around two and a half hours. This is just one example of the neglect and inhumane treatment these animal experience at the hands of their owners.

Overall in the past month, SAWS mobile vet clinic treated 176 donkeys for all manner of problems including: injuries from poor harnessing, wounds from beating, worms, overgrown hooves, laminitis, respiratory problems, coughing, high temperatures, mouth and teeth injuries caused by steel collars, pneumonia, weakness, itching, fever and cracked hooves.

All of these donkeys were able to be given some relief from their ailments, thanks to the support of our generous AAA supporters who enable us to facilitate groups such as SAWS.

Janet Thomas