Nowzad donkey sanctuary continuing their good work

An update from Nowzad, AAA's partner group in Afghanistan:
"The Nowzad donkey sanctuary gets grass!
With the holy month of Ramazon only half way through, the Nowzad team have had to cut back on the daily workload to take into account fasting during 35 degree heat. The donkeys are still taken out to graze, but much earlier in the day. With the arrival of summer, the Nowzad donkey sanctuary has finally left behind the dusty barren to now find itself covered in lush green grass. 
King, our night time guard's pet dog loves to play with the donkeys and they love him too.
Azad is finally accepting that she is safe and that everyone who works at the sanctuary is not going to hurt her, which makes grooming her a whole new safe experience for Nasir who cares for her daily.
Dr Tahera is running the donkey program which stops working donkeys on the street to offer a health check-up and advice for the owners. Sadly this is going to be a never ending program as we rarely see a healthy donkey being worked on the streets.
The Nowzad team are forever grateful to the amazing supporter of Animal Aid Abroad who generously donate to ensure Nowzad can continue to be there for the working donkeys of Kabul."

Janet Thomas