AAA founder Janet in Iraq

"Dear friends of Animal Aid Abroad
I just want to let you know that your support is helping many hundreds of animals in need here in Iraq ... I’m visiting our work here (completely self funded) and wanted to share with you how you are making a huge difference.
Over the past few days I have accompanied Dr Sulaiman to conduct clinic visits to villages and IDP (Internal Displaced People) camps who have escaped with their animals from the war with ISIS.
We came across many groups of animals that openly graze in an area of Kurdistan that is now safe for them. 
We stopped by the side of the road to assist shepherds with their flocks as well as at villages and small camps to help sick or injured working and farm animals.
Dr Sulaiman focuses his work on IDP and very poor families who cannot afford medicines for their animals. He also educates people on how to provide better veterinary care and change old customs that are cruel and unnecessary such as cutting their shepherd dogs ears off.
We attended to cases of wounds (one sheep had a very deep wound from a wolf attack), shepherd dogs suffering from parasites, mange and injuries, donkeys with wounds from poor is such a harsh life here for these animals but for the people too. 
Animal Aid Abroad are the sole supporter of Dr Sulaiman’s work and he receives no help from the big humanitarian NGO’s here like UNICEF, United Nations (there are SO many) to help the millions of people displaced, and who have fled from the war with ISIS.
Dr Sulaiman needs our help, our next goal is to employ a second vet and purchase a vehicle so they can reach and assist IDP groups and villagers currently without help.
Our goal is to raise $20,000 to make this happen.
If you believe this is a cause, worthy of support, please donate."

Janet Thomas