Abandoned horse unable to be saved

This is the sad story of a horse found abandoned on a Ghaziabad street who was unable to be saved. The horse was rescued and transported to the Defence Colony Centre where first aid and hydration were given through the night. He was then taken to the Friendicoes' Sanctuary, where on further examination, there was a foreign body discovered in the rectum. A laxative was given and the foreign body was flushed out. The foreign body consisted of plastic bags and metal wire. It had worked its way internally through the digestive system, damaging the whole intestine on its way down.

Unfortunately, despite the team's best efforts, this horse was unable to be saved.

This horse ultimately died because humans put in in the position of ingesting dangerous rubbish, humans abandoned it once it became too sick to be of use, and humans left it to die a slow and painful death.

We can only hope that the care shown by the Friendicoes team in the horse's last hours redeemed it's faith in humanity, even for a moment.

Janet Thomas