Horse hydration in hot weather

Recent months in India have been extremely hot, even by Indian summer standards. These are very tough conditions for working equines as they continue to be given heavy loads at the brick kilns, rural markets and with passengers.
Owners are advised by Friendicoes - Seca, that they need to provide fresh water to their animal several times a day, as well as rest them during the hottest part of the day. To help ensure this happens, Friendicoes have been providing owners with buckets that they can keep in their carts to more easily collect and give fresh water to their horses.
The support from Animal Aid Abroad has enabled Friendicoes to hand out 200 buckets, helping to provide much needed hydration to the working horses in the area, as well as changing the mindset of the owners.
It is fantastic to see the positive effect of our support. Thank you to AAA supporters for helping to make this happen.

Janet Thomas