A coming of age for Tally at the Camel Rescue Centre in Bassi

The Camel Rescue Centre in Bassi, has treated 370 camels in the past month, along with 24 dogs, 103 cattle and 71 goats. One of the camels living in the shelter is Tally, kindly sponsored through Animal Aid Abroad. Tally is around 2 years old, an age at which camels become less controllable and aggressive due to male hormones. In India neutering of camels is not common practice as people believe it decreases the strength and stamina of the camel. Dr Swami, as a veterinarian, knows the reality is just the opposite. As such, Dr Swami and Dr Jitender performed the surgery on Tally under general and local anaesthesia, with the required antibiotics and pain relievers.
Now as Tally grows to maturity, he can set an example for local camel owners of good camel care and husbandry.
We thank our donors for allowing us to support our partner groups in the care of animals around the world.

Janet Thomas