Animal Rahat providing peace and care for the abused and neglected bullocks of India

For years, bullocks in India have been forced to work non-stop until their dying day. They are likely to be beaten with whips, restrained by painful nose ropes, and deprived of basic medical care and even food and water. Until recently, most of these gentle creatures never knew a kind word or a day’s rest. 
Thankfully, due to the hard work of Animal Rahat and the generosity of donors and supporters of Animal Aid Abroad, many bullocks like Barshya, Gabru, Roushya and Sonya are now able to spend their days doing anything they want, even if that means doing absolutely nothing except eating and relaxing. 
For these fortunate bullocks, home is Animal Rahat’s sanctuary, a beautiful haven in the state of Maharashtra where they and other animals retire in peace after years of drudgery, pain, abuse, malnutrition and neglect. Click the link for more of their stories:

Janet Thomas