Malawi Update: A Donkey in Trouble

wound being cleaned and flushed.jpg

Our partner group- Lilongwe Society for the Protection and Care of Animals attended recently a classical problem they encounter in the work they do here in Malawi, especially during this time of year when maize fields are very lush. LSPCA donkey project coordinator received a call from someone in the field informing her that their donkey had strayed into a neighbour's maize field and damaged a number of crops. In retaliation, the owner of the field took a machete (a big knife) and struck one of the legs of the donkey. Rushing to the scene their vet examined the donkey and noted significant swelling in the area and an obvious wound. Fortunately, for this donkey there were no broken bones or major damage to the gastrocnemius tendon as they see in some of the other cases they are called out to. This donkey was successfully treated after cleaning the wound, some antibiotics, analgesics and some rest!

getting some pain medication.jpg
Prior to treatment.jpg
Closeup of wound after treatment.jpg
Janet Thomas