India Update: Weak and Injured Camel gets Treatment

Partner group, HIS Camel Rescue Centre treated a weak and injured camel with a soft palate injury. Abdul Rajjak is a camel owner who works his camel at Kanota, a brick kiln. He brought his camel to CRC with the complaint of not eating well for many days. The camel looked very weak and depressed. On examination they found him with a high temperature.

CRC could not go to treat the animal daily so they insisted the owner admit the camel at the rescue centre. After admission the treatment was started. After two days, the camels condition improved a little. They were planning to release him but in afternoon his soft palate came out of the mouth.

The soft palate is a balloon shaped soft structure in the mouth which a camel inflates and produces sound to attract females in the breeding season. Sometimes it comes out and does not go in. This condition needs veterinary help either manually or surgically.

The palate was not injured so under sedation it was placed back into position. The camel felt immediate relief. Then we kept the animal under observation for one more day and then it was released.

Jan 18 palate injury.jpg
Janet Thomas