Annual Sponsorship Update for 2017- Animal Nepal Donkey Sanctuary

2017 was a good year for the residents at our Donkey Sanctuary. Most equines stayed  healthy and needed little medical treatment. The only equine needing surgery was
Stella, whose eye socket started to bother him. Two sad events took place: both Buddy and Hella had to be euthanized. Buddy, the sanctuary’s Casanova, increasingly suffered from his hip dislocation and was unable to join the other equines for walking and grazing. In September Animal Nepal had to take the difficult decision to euthanise Buddy.
The one equine who really missed Buddy was Hella, a beautiful reddish brown-coloured horse. She immediately became sick after Buddy was gone. Hella always had a leg
problem and had to be lifted up by the sanctuary staff each day. After Buddy was gone her pain levels seemed to go up and she stopped eating. Two months after Buddy was
gone, Hella too had to be put to sleep. Animal Nepal this year received battery powered dental equipment and plans to have a dental check-up for all residents during the off season of 2018.

Please click on the link Learn More for the full report on each donkey. 

Donkeys walking Jan 2018.jpg
Donkeys resting Jan 2018.jpg
Janet Thomas