Friendicoes keeping up the good work in India

Friendicoes in India have once again had a busy time of late with their equine program.

During their mobile clinic, some of the common cases they treated included colic, lameness, laminitis, wounds, fractures, deworming, respiratory infections and eye problems.

Many wounds from things like fencing wire, iron sheets and iron rods were treated, cleaned and dressed with tetanus vaccine and painkillers given.

One horse was suffering from a hematoma on its neck due to a bite from another horse. It was drained, cleaned and is now on the mend.

Friendicoes also rescued a small calf who had been attacked by a dog and had multiple bite wounds on its ear, neck and leg. Appropriate treatment and vaccines were given, and the calf was taken back to the Gurgaon shelter where it will receive the lifetime care and safety that it was not getting on the streets.

Thank you Friendicoes for your fantastic work.

Janet Thomas