Farrier training in Cambodia

Cambodia Pony Welfare Organization - CPWO, one of Animal Aid Abroad's partner organisations, have recently organised the first module of a Farrier Workshop for the second group of locals and pony owners who are interested in becoming a professional farrier in the future to help their communities.

This workshop was successfully completed in four days by eleven local community members and two CPWO staff members. Three senior farriers and one veterinarian were invited to share their knowledge and experience, and to train these 13 attendees. One senior farrier came from Thailand and the other two senior farriers were from Cambodia, and had received professional farrier training from CPWO in the first workshop that was run.

The 13 attendees came from 12 different local communities and before training, had various skill levels. Some of them had done trimming and shoeing before when CPWO was on a rotation visit, and some were self taught.

The three trainers did a great job, with all of trainees happy, keen to learn and focused on their lessons. With this being the first experience of training for many of them, and with their newfound skills, knowledge and confidence, they have requested more CPWO training workshops in 2019.

We love to hear about these positive stories, and we thank our supporters for helping to make stories like this happen all over the world.

Janet Thomas