Project 368- Tanzania

In Tanzania your support is easing the suffering of 368 donkeys, providing them much needed assistance.  Our partner Tanzania Animal Welfare Society (TAWESO) has conducted veterinary outreach clinics in the areas around Mtera Dam in the southern parts in Iringa rural district in Iringa region.


We are directing our work to this area of Tanzania which is very dry due to delayed rain this year. As a result, donkeys and other domestic animals are in poor condition with a lack of feed and water.


In Tanzania, the majority of donkeys around the Mtera Dam pull carts that are always overloaded when ferrying materials especially water, fish, charcoal, firewood, grains, vegetables,

and building materials. The donkeys work continuously without rest, have many wounds and are exhausted. They suffer from the use of yoke systems, overloading, overworking, and beating with trauma to their back, neck, legs, tail, and hooves.


Through the generous support of donors clinical examinations have been conducted, allowing the dressing of wounds, dewormimg, dental care, hoof care and treatment of disease.

Janet Thomas