Krenso's Story- Indonesia


In Indonesia you and our partner animal welfare group Animal Friends Jogykarta are ending the suffering of carriage horses like Krenso.


Krenso was recently rescued and is being housed after long standing abuse.    


In the community of Pak Sadu extreme cases of animal abuse have been reported with horses like Krenso found with rotting feat, covered in feces and malnourished. In response, our partners on the ground have taken action to prosecute the abusers, transport and house the horses concerned.


Working with police, vets, horse association doctors, and members of the carriage drivers association are working with owners of working horses to educate them on maintaining the health and welfare of the horses – not only ensuring the comfort and end of suffering of the horses, but also helping the owners to ensure the longevity of the animals that they are so reliant upon for their own livelihoods.

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Janet Thomas