New Sanctuary for Animal Aid Abroad in Sri Lanka


On the recent AAA trip to Sri Lanka, founder Janet Thomas and the group of ten members who joined her, came across an opportunity too important and dire to ignore.

While in the city of Mannar, the AAA team came across many street dogs (two in particular that caught our attention - one with nothing less than a shocking case of scabies leaving this poor soul with skin like a reptile, the second dog so old and thin he wandered aimlessly and also appeared to have a broken jaw which left him with difficulty eating and drinking), in dire need of a place to be treated, rested, fed and, if required, live out their days.

We asked our partner group, Bridging Lanka if there was anywhere we could take these dogs to be treated. Sadly, the answer was no!

While visiting the Donkey Sanctuary established by Bridging Lanka in the Mannar region, we became aware of a block of land ( 2 acres), only 200m away from the Donkey Rescue Centre that was on the market for a very reasonable sum.

After a walk over the land and finding out that electricity and water were already connected, plus it was already fenced, Janet and the group discussed further the prospect of setting up a dog (and other animals) rescue centre to cater for the north of Sri Lanka, primarily the Mannar region.

The centre would rescue, sterilise, treat and release, with the option of homing permanently, animals too unwell or old to live out on the street. Upon the offer of one AAA member, to put up the initial funds to purchase the land, the idea began to take shape.  In addition, the necessary veterinary skills would be available as Bridging Lanka agreed that sharing one vet between the two groups would work well in terms of time and salary including the use of their rescue vehicle. This project would be a joint effort between Animal Aid Abroad and Bridging Lanka.

The feasibility of entering this project is currently being carefully considered by Janet and the AAA committee. However, the consequences of this (to assist dogs such as the ones we witnessed in Mannar) are enormous and too dire to turn away from.

Stay tuned for further updates and if you would like to DONATE to this shelter click here.

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Janet Thomas