Progress on New Sanctuary in Sri Lanka

Animal Aid Abroad along with partner, Bridging Lanka are on track with opening a Sanctuary called the Hendro Animal Rescue Centre [HARC] in Mannar, Sri Lanka by early next year. Infrastructure works have started including putting a new internal road through the Sanctuary. Jeremy and his team report that there has been consistent activity to prepare the site for the Hendro building. The fence around much of the two-acre property has been repaired or replaced, measurements for an internal road calculated and an excavator ordered to spread and level three loads of gravel. The internal road is a necessity as the ground consists of fine beach sand and trucks transporting will become bogged easily.  Next, we will choose a location for the temporary hut to store building supplies and connect electricity to the site. There has even been some very early and impatient clients and their pups who were not happy to wait until opening. Jeremy and their team have welcomed the new arrivals that chose them rather than the other way round!!

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Internal road.jpg
road infastructure.jpg
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new rescue 1.jpg
Janet Thomas