New Animal Rescue Centre in Sri Lanka

During the Animal Aid Abroad (AAA) visit to Mannar to observe for the first time Bridging Lanka’s donkey management and welfare programs, the eleven member crew took some time out from a packed schedule to visit the Dutch Fort on Mannar Island. The Fort got little attention as the focus fell on two dogs, both seemingly nearing death. Their level of mange and scabies was off the chart! The dogs could hardly move. Soon the AAA team started to notice many more street dogs in similarly precarious condition. Out of great concern for these dogs, Janet Thomas, Founder of AAA, saw a huge need for a Dog Rescue Centre in Mannar. Janet asked Bridging Lanka to see if there was any available land. As luck would have it, there was a two acre property on the market 200 metres from the Donkey Clinic & Education Centre (DCEC). And so began the Hendro Animal Rescue Centre (HARC) named in honour of the father of two very generous donors, Sylvia and her sister Annemieke who made the purchase of the land for the shelter possible.

The site of the new animal shelter has many advantages. It has good road access and electricity connection, very recent services introduced to this somewhat isolated area. The two acre land is high, fertile and flood resistant. Like its neighbouring property with its coconut trees, the HARC site will also be planted up with productive vegetation.

Stay tuned for progress reports on the planning and construction of this new shelter!

Janet Thomas