Friendicoes making a difference in India

AAA helps fund the mobile equine clinic program run by Friendicoes India, and sponsors many of the animals living at the Gurgaon Friendicoes Sanctuary.

One health camp they recently ran saw the team treating approximately 200 animals including cows, buffalo, dogs, goats and horses. Many locals flocked to avail themselves of this free service.

The group treated a poor horse who had been burned in a stable fire. While his right hind quarter was badly burned, he is on the road to recovery after treatment.

There was a also a mule who sustained an injury to his leg after the poorly constructed cart he was pulling skidded into him, hit his back and caused him to fall. His usual load includes marble and granite slabs for for the construction of houses.

Another horse had tongue lacerations due to the owner using a bit with spikes. The injury is affecting the horse's ability to eat, so Friendicoes have instructed the owner never to use this type of bit, and will keep a sharp eye on this horse and the owner moving forward.

20 new animals were taken into the sanctuary including 12 horses, 6 of which were retired horses taken from a riding school, 4 mules and 4 bullocks who were quite emaciated and overworked. This means space is tight, new sheds and fencing are required and feed costs will go up as they lose land that would otherwise be used to grow feed.

You can help by sponsoring one of the animals at the sanctuary, or by donating specifically to this organisation at

Janet Thomas