Donkey cruely attacked with machete because of neighbour dispute

Animal cruelty continues to be a battle that AA partner group, Lilongwe Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (LSPCA) fights on a daily basis.

This poor donkey was sadly the victim of such cruelty, having been hacked at least twice with a machete by the owner's neighbour, as a result of a dispute between the two of them.

The LSPCA was called in to treat the two large and dirty wounds that the undeserving donkey had sustained.

Dr Catherine managed to sedate the donkey, clean the wounds and stitch them up. Fortunately this donkey received timely intervention and should be well on the way to recovery. Cruelty charges have been raised against the neighbour.

Without the help of groups like LSPCA, situations like this might go untreated and unpunished. Thank you LSPCA, and thank you to the AAA donors who allow us to support such vitally important groups such as this.

Janet Thomas