Friendicoes India keeping busy

As usual, our partner group Friendicoes have had a busy time lately, helping many animals in their local area.

Some of the cases which they have dealt with recently include: a horse with multiple wounds due to being attacked by a big-horned bull; a malnourished horse with a burn injury to it's leg - this horse is set to make it's owner money during the marriage season so likely won't be allowed the rest it needs; a working horse with a haemorrhage in the anterior chamber of it's eye ball; a horse with a leg injury due to sharp fencing wire; injuries due to road accidents; five abandoned mules who were rescued and brought back to the shelter - one of the mules was blind, another of the mules had an injured foreleg, and the others were traumatised, but relatively healthy; and two separate calves who were suffering from hoof damage and infection.

Thankfully Friendicoes was there to ease the suffering of these poor animals. Thank you Friendicoes and to the AAA donors who allow us to support vital groups such as this.

Janet Thomas