Because every animal matters- AAA helps working garbage horse in Belize

 Golondrina is her name and sadly she has a pretty tough life in Belize.

Her family do not care for her but still work her daily carting garbage from the town of Sarteneja to the local tip. Everyday she makes the 2 mile journey back and forth with no proper feed, fresh water or shelter to come home to.

She has no access to any of her basic needs, is over-worked and emaciated.

After much discussion with someone who did care, [ Jordan Stone who works in Sarteneja, Belize ] a course of action was decided upon and now Golondrina has a second chance to turn her life around. We have decided to take on the care and treatment of Golondrina while she remains with the family.

You may ask, why we don’t buy her from the owner? If we did, the owner will only get another horse and do the same again.

A vet has now checked her over and a treatment plan has been given to Jordan to follow and administer. Part of her treatment will include de-worming, treating her open wounds, removing ticks from her ears to name just a few.

We will also fund proper food and Jordan will make sure she has clean water everyday.

We will keep you posted on her improvement over coming months…so watch this space. Thanks to Jordan Stone who has taken on the task to provide direct treatment and care of Golondrina.

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Janet Thomas