Godavari Donkey Sanctuary in Nepal

AAA partner group Animal Nepal are moving the donkeys to a new sanctuary this month, so these pictures are the last we will see from this sanctuary in Godavari.

The animals have been receiving a lot of pampering from the HICAST veterinarian interns, with grooming, deworming and hoof trimming taking place under the supervision of Animal Nepal's vets.

Two of the older residents of the sanctuary, BB and Menuka, have struggled a little with the colder temperatures. They both like to sunbathe and lie down for long periods of time, making them susceptible to small sores and scratches on their bodies. Poor BB was bitten by a crow attracted by an open sore and was unable to defend herself due to her age. She is now recovering after treatment and the Animal Nepal team are keeping a close eye on her.

AAA founder Janet and the 2019 international tour group will be visiting the team at their new sanctuary soon, so we'll be able to see the donkeys in their new home.

Janet Thomas