New project in Nicaragua a success

In December, AAA partnered with Veterinarian, Dr Lester Tapia Martinez to run an equine clinic in Nicaragua.

It was a successful project and it changed the lives of 412 working horses, mules and donkeys.

Here are the final numbers:

Equines treated (general checkups): 412

Mules: 8

Donkeys: 6

Oxen: 3

Dogs: 1 (Emergency in the field, he was poisoned with pesticides)

Castrations: 15

Dental work: 90

Hoof work: 180

Wounds/lacerations treated: 50

Emergencies: 3

Pregnancy checkups: 10

Other surgeries: Enoucleations: 4, mass/tumor removal: 10, wound closure: 2

Veterinary students trained: 3

Veterinarians trained: 8

Total of owners trained in farrier work: 6

Total: 14 Volunteers

Cities covered: Granada and Masaya. Both rural and the city.

The next Equine clinic has already been scheduled: March 15th-17th, which AAA has committed to supporting. The project will be extended to three new cities: Rivas, Jinotepe and Diriamba. There are thousands of working horses here, used for the same purpose: carts, tourism and agriculture. At least three veterinarians and three veterinary technicians (nurses) will be coming from the USA to train Nicaraguan veterinarians and veterinary students in equine medicine to make the project more sustainable for the future.

Janet Thomas