Camel with broken jaw helped by Camel Rescue Centre, Bassi

In another busy month for the Camel Rescue Centre (CRC) in Bassi, one camel's story stood out from the shear severity of his injury. This poor animal came into the centre with a broken and hanging mandible. The camel was understandably distressed and on examination it was found that his condition was very poor. The jaw was completely fractured and hanging downwards and he had not been able to eat anything for two days. That this camel had suffered through this for that long is beyond belief. CRC vet, Dr Jitendar put the camel under sedation and operated on the jaw using dental wiring, and administered antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicines. The owner was advised to give the camel a liquid diet until he heals.

In the past month the CRC treated a total of 264 camels, 30 dogs, 66 cattle, 60 goats and 4 horses.

Janet Thomas